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Naturally. Just because the war was over, there was no reason for them ta accept me.

No matter what, I was afraid, I would run away, and gradually I tried calling out but they were too scared of me.

The truth is, when I met Earth, I was nervous and scared when I first called out ta him.

So I was really happy to be friends with Earth.

I was the happiest I’ve ever been since I was alone, when ya said we would team-up.

But that’s why I can’t go on a journey with Earth.

Oh, I’m an ogre after all.

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Ya can’t get into inns if I’m with ya. Ya can’t even go ta a food shop. Ya can’t even enter a town. I think many people will look at you with strange eyes.

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Above all, if ya stay with me as it is, they may think that Earth is a bad person.

And, I might hurt Earth again, like yesterday.

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Yer my only friend in the world, so I want ta bother Earth.

“...... Earth......... I’m sorry.”