Whether online phone chat makes money

Whether online phone chat makes money


But his movement stopped unnaturally.

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No, it was stopped.

「Fufu, you’ve been paying too much attention “above”, though.」

Looking closely, Ferris-senpai’s Bind Psychic threads crept through the ground and restrained Deal’s legs.

「Arara, I’m in trouble…」

The moment Deal said that, a tremendous explosion swallowed him.

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I couldn’t really relate to an average male main character that likes a peaceful everyday life.

Even though I myself was a painfully average high schooler.

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Let me use an example.

A story that starts with a beautiful female childhood friend waking you up from bed in the morning, colliding with a tsundere transfer student as you turn at a junction on your way to school, A cool beauty female senpai who thinks highly of you at school, and an impish yet cute female junior who stays close to you for no reason. Damned innate normie main character.