How do I make the software online?

How do I make the software online?

Li Shi shook his head. “I can’t be sure about that. There are many possibilities.”

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“Perhaps Boss Pei learned about ‘multi-dimensional fusion’ from He Desheng or Meng Chang’s previous investment in Dream Realization Ventures and concluded that Meng Chang would definitely use it again at this news conference;”

“It could also be that Boss Pei did not restrict Boss Ma from asking a certain word. Instead, he asked Boss Ma to ask about a random word created by Meng Chang.”

“The effect is the same.”

Xue Zhebin still looked confused.

Li Shi continued to explain. “The two questions that Boss Ma asked, as well as the questions he pressed on, actually have hidden meanings behind them. What’s more, they point to the core of the problem!”

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“Why did I say that there are many levels of gameplay here?”

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“If Meng Chang asked Boss Ma to ask questions, he would be almost invincible. No matter whether Boss Ma asked or not, as long as he did not undermine him, Meng Chang would interpret it as’ Tengda supports the ‘Cold-Faced Lady’.”

“On the other hand, Meng Chang thinks that the possibility of him being undermined is negligible. That’s because the content of his speech is purely theoretical. It’s logical and consistent. In that case, even if Boss Ma raised his doubts, as long as the doubts are limited to the pure theory stage, it would be Meng Chang’s home ground. There would be no way to determine the winner.”

“Therefore, this is a trap.”

“What is the counterattack that Boss Ma, or rather the counterattack that Boss Pei has already thought up for Boss Ma? It is to find the weakest point of Meng Chang’s theoretical system, jump out of the idealized concept of theory, and directly deal a blow in the real world.”

“The first question, is this roasted cold noodles delicious? It’s actually the core of the problem. Meng Chang’s entire business idea was built on a hypothesis. It was that the Cold-Faced Lady would crush all the roasted cold noodles in terms of taste. That would form a strong attraction to consumers and make them willing to pay a premium.”

“It’s just like how the burgers in roadside shops sell for 10 yuan each while the burgers in large branded chain fast-food restaurants sell for 20 yuan each. The price has doubled, but consumers are willing to endure the hardship and willingly pay.”

“But what if the consumers don’t buy it? Wouldn’t the first step be impossible?”

“Meng Chang obviously realized the danger of this question, so he did not dare to answer directly. He could only answer this question indirectly: Cold Faced Lady is willing to spend money on standardized production, formulas, and choosing the raw materials.”

“At that time, investors would feel that after doing so much work, it would definitely be better than the roasted cold noodles sold by roadside stalls. That would be equivalent to answering Boss Ma’s question.”