Huaan Mandarin Online Trading System

Huaan Mandarin Online Trading System

That was very ridiculous!

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Many times the results of the fight between two teams really depended on which side of the DGE Club player was stronger.

The audience would look at the player being interviewed with expectation in every post-match interview. As expected, it was another muscular man!

They could confirm that this was a former member of the DGE Club by looking at his muscles!

This muscle was simply a walking billboard; whatever they went, they were advertisements of the DGE Club and Deposit Fitness.

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What was even more outrageous was that before the start of many games, the audience would cheer for DGE after cheering for the two teams. That became a trend.

The winner of the esports was king, and the audience naturally admired the strong. The weak were not worthy of applause.

If the other clubs were like the DGE Club, there might be no competition. Every player could influence the direction of the game, which indefinitely elevated DGE’s position in the eyes of the audience.

After a few days of competition, DGE Club’s fans had a lot more fans than the other clubs combined!

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Zhu Xiaoce was envious of watching: “The atmosphere in the scene was really good, but it is a pity that I have to cut the film recently and don’t have the time to watch it.”

The editor asked curiously. “Director Zhu, is the Deposit Fitness that good? These players have been practicing for a few months. How come they have more obvious results than me when I trained for nearly a year?”

Tengda had issued fitness cards to all employees previously so that the employees would have some fitness habits.

Many people would not experience many changes even after they went to the gym for some time.