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Although it’s enough for making everyone to understand the main points, personal problems were different.

A few people chased after me right away. I knew without even thinking that they were members of the Ayanokouji group. Among the people approaching from behind, there was someone at the front whose footsteps sounded intense. There was no need to look back to know how much frustration Keisei had built up

I pretended not to notice and continued to walk forward. After a bit, he spoke to me.


I slowed to a halt after my name was called.

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Looking back, all three of them still had stiff expressions.

“Going back without even saying hello, isn’t that a bit cruel?”

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Haruka, the most outspoken of the group, forcefully spoke.

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Representing both the severe Keisei at the front and the concerned Airi at the back, she expressed what they both wanted to say.

This seemed to have an effect, as the emotional Keisei who was on the verge of bursting kept his mouth shut for the time being.

After taking a breath, he said this once more.

“Why didn’t you tell us before?… If it’s to hide information as Horikita said, does that mean that you don’t trust us at all?”

Although he acknowledged Horikita’s statements to an extent, he still looked dissatisfied.