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“Way too stupid.”

Horikita said as she laughed at herself.

“It also tells me that the firm resolution you had this morning was extremely important to you, Horikita.”

It was a bit funny, imagining what Horikita looked like as she rushed into the shop right after they opened.

But it was because Horikita always acted according to plan, it was understandable that making simple mistakes like that would shake her up.

“Cutting my hair was a way to differentiate myself.”

“What your brother liked, did you think about it then?”

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“Of course. I wanted to go back to becoming the old me, and it coincided with wanting to catch up to my brother, that’s all. In another sense, it was the best way to convey my feelings.”

So this strategy was just all a coincidence.

Because I was used to looking at her long hair for a year now, I had strong feelings about this change.

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“How does it feel, returning to yourself after all these years?”

“Even if you asked me that, I have no idea how to express it. Sure, I liked this short hair when I was a kid, but I’ve been used to having long hair for so long. My feelings now are quite complex, to tell the truth.”

The short hair that she liked, and the long hair that she’d come to accept.

The past and the present self. No matter which, they were still both Horikita Suzune.

“Now I feel, no matter which version of myself, I can accept it.”

As she said that, Horikita touched her short hair with her fingertips.

“So I want to think about this from the start. The me right now should have something I haven’t seen before. For the next two years, should I leave it to grow, or should I not? If I do leave it to grow, then it’ll take around 2 years for it to grow to the length that it was before…just in time for when we graduate.”

Both her past and present self have been accepted by Horikita.