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“However, he said that the employees of Tengda should get the credit instead. He credited Tengda’s achievements to the talents and hard work of its employees. He said that he was only fulfilling his duties.

“In order to convey his thoughts more accurately, we will quote a portion of what he said during the interview. Hopefully, readers would be able to color in his silhouette.

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” ‘Joining the game industry was a rash decision on my part. I really regret this decision; if only I had chosen other industries instead.

“‘Actually, I’m not at all interested in making profits. I have never thought about how to balance building a reputation and making profits. However, for some reason, as Tengda’s reputation improves; sales would increase. In turn, we would generate more profits. We’re earning so much that it’s becoming suffocating. “My aim has always been to make a loss-incurring game.

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“People have been overthinking the plot in Repent and be Saved. I only wanted to torture players with that game. Seeing players suffer is my guilty pleasure.’

“These are genuine words from his heart, uttered during the interview.

“However, we also noticed that he had completed Repent and be Saved. That proves that there is a silently sacrificial and hardworking soul hidden behind this nonchalant and humorous demeanor.

“On top of all these, he is also an extremely busy person. He has a full schedule every day, and yet he somehow finds the energy to keep working hard.

“Perhaps this all stems from his love for extreme sports.

“He never gets proud or boastful about his own achievements. Instead, he continues to challenge himself and push his boundaries without resting

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“Lastly, the author wants to conclude with a single line.

“It is Jingzhou and the domestically-produced game industry’s privilege to house a talented designer, outstanding entrepreneur, and good-hearted boss like him!”

Pei Qian drank a mouthful of water and remained silent for a while before he finally heaved a long sigh. They had praised him to no end!