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“If Boss Pei didn’t have other plans for you, would it make sense for him to cultivate two strong esports teams and keep them under wraps? Of course not.

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“That means Boss Pei probably does have other plans. Don’t think about it, everyone. Just train hard. I believe that you will get a chance to stand on that stage one day!”

Everyone nodded one by one, thinking that what Coach Yaling had said made sense.

That’s right. Boss Pei had invested so much money into the club. He can’t possibly intend for us not to be seen or heard, right?

He must have other plans!

Don’t overthink—just train hard to maintain our standard. Our chance will come!


Back in his office, Pei Qian sneezed out of nowhere. He quickly wrapped the blanket tighter around himself.

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Zhang Wang had just paid him a visit earlier to deliver a piece of good news. Manufacturing of the Fully-Automated Bicker Machines was complete! All of them were stacked up in the warehouses!

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The warehouses couldn’t fit anything else now, but Upwind Logistics and Fish-Catching Internet Cafe both needed a lot more storage space. That was why Zhang Wang’s head hurt and also why he had come to ask Boss Pei for advice.

Pei Qian had waved his hand and said, “Isn’t that easy?

“If the warehouses are full, just rent a few more! How big of a problem is that?”

Zhang Wang had originally intended to ask Boss Pei for tips on how to sell all the Fully-Automated Bickering Machines off.

The last thing that he had expected was for Boss Pei not to take the bait. Instead, he skipped the problem with the Fully-Automated Bickering Machines entirely and told them to rent a few more warehouses.

Helpless, Zhang Wang could only follow his instructions.

Once Zhang Wang left, Pei Qian checked how all of his businesses were doing and then decided that he had to make a trip to Shang Yang Games.

GOG’s competition had completely overshadowed IOI’s over the weekend. That must have been a big blow for everyone at Shang Yang Games, who had probably lost their fighting spirit and enthusiasm.