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“It’s selfish, stupid, and terrible, right? You can be mad at me.”

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“Selfish, stupid, terrible, coward.”

Aguri added one more and scolded me emotionlessly. I can’t help but smile bitterly.

“However, that’s what I hoped. I want to skip all logic and desires…and only face my most sincere impulse. …Someone in my heart asked me to do that.

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Even though he’s just a dead-serious nerd with a dumb hairstyle and have no idea how to dress appropriately.


Unbelievably, Aguri wasn’t mad this time. Moreover, her face has an “it can’t be helped” look.

I faced her again. Then, finally, I brought up…the “core” option to her.

“So, I hoped you can completely eliminate my existence as your ‘boyfriend’ first, and think about this again.”

“…Think about what?”

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“-How do you feel about Amano?”


Aguri glared at me with a sharp look. I can clearly see the anger in her eyes. …Even so, I didn’t back down this time, and I looked back at her sincerely.

So, …a good 10 seconds that felt like an eternity passed.

She sighed dumbfoundedly. Then, she slightly relaxed her expression and tone before telling me.

“Hey, Tasuku, it’s like what I’ve repeated several times before, Amanocchi and I are always just-“

I interrupted her and said.

“…That guy got crazy for you on the school trip before I could.”