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The classroom descended into an uproar.

Even though over half the class was aware of the vote manipulation, none of them knew that the true culprit behind all of it was Yamauchi.

“You were planning to have Ayanokōji-kun expelled…?”

Ayanokōji Group members aside, Hirata was one of the people genuinely, visibly, shocked to hear that I was being targeted.

Hirata was the type to always stay neutral and think about the class as a whole, so it made sense that he wasn’t willing to accept it.

“Yes. It’s an undeniable fact. Isn’t that right, everyone?”

Kushida had gotten many students tied up in Yamauchi’s plan.

Even if they didn’t make eye contact with her, they would surely feel shaken if they had an inkling as to what had been going on.

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This was enough for Hirata to realize that more than half the class had joined Yamauchi’s group.

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“Hmm… Everyone seems a lot calmer than I had imagined…”

“Your plan started out with a small group of people and you steadily expanded from there. If you managed to gather up the majority of the class’s censure votes, your target’s expulsion would be effectively guaranteed, right?”

“I-I had nothing to do with that!”

Despite claiming otherwise, Yamauchi made no further attempts to defend himself.

“Then who did?”

“I-I dunno, okay!? I… was just told to cast my censure vote for Ayanokōji!”

Lying in desperation like this usually didn’t result in things turning out the way you wanted.