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He is powerful enough to climb to the position of Emperor’s Four Knights.

(I’m sure there must be “circumstances beyond his control”.)

Thirteen Knights of the Oracle seem to have a “wish” that they want to fulfill even at the cost of joining the Black Organization.

Fu Rudras wants to know what lies at the end of the world, beyond the “World Waterfall”.

Rain Glad wished to help Serena, who was afflicted by the curse of the rain.

Sebas Chandler… I wonder what his wish is.

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When I was thinking about that,

「Naa, Allen… Is there anything else? A time when the president cried, or laughed, or maybe got angry over something. Anything at all is fine. It doesn’t matter how trivial it may be.」

Sebas-san asked desperately.

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「Hmm… Oh, come to think of it, something like this happened…」

If I remember correctly, it was during a certain lunch break when the graduation ceremony was right around the corner.

As usual, we were all gathered at the regular lunch party, and suddenly the student council room door swung open and a male student entered.

He told out loud that the third-year students are about to graduate soon, and he fell for the president at first sight, and that he wanted to go out with her on the assumption of marriage.

In summary, it was a confession of love to the president.

The result was an utter rejection, with the president saying「I am sorry. I have someone else I like.」