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The DGE players finally heaved a sigh of relief, leaning on the gaming chairs and feeling like their souls were sucked out of them.

The mental stress playing with Boss Ma was greater than the global finals!

Ma Yang took a can of Coca-Cola from the club’s fridge and opened it in his seat with a ‘psst!’ He raised his head and drank half a can, feeling that it seemed like a good opportunity to promote his popularity and began to communicate with fans in the livestream.

“Please follow me if you have not done so. You don’t need to give gifts; I don’t need this bit of money.

“Why follow me? Where can you find a player who can command and operate like me? Isn’t my technique worthy of attention?

“I said before that I couldn’t win the game at the very beginning because my teammates were too lousy. Didn’t I immediately carry the game after changing to four ordinary teammates?

“Alright, I’ll see if there are any new dreams on Weibo that I can realize.”

The viewers in the livestream were already trying to adapt to Old Ma’s thinking, but they showed a full screen of question marks when they heard his words.


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“Boss Ma really feels that he is very skilled?”

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“You invited all the star players from each club and then told me that these are four ‘ordinary teammates’?”

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“I also want to have such ‘ordinary teammates’!”

“What Boss Ma said really makes sense. I have found the reason why I kept losing in the Bronze Tier! You give me Huang Wang and Jiang Huan, and I will be in the Honor of Kings!”