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Having heard us call out to him, the surprised Ike panicked and almost dropped the keychain he was holding. And then, for some reason almost as if to hide it, he immediately returns it to the shelf.

"H-have you already decided?" he asks us.

"Ahh, I thought we'd go with this. A white bear towel. Hahaha...".

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"That's not it. Why were you looking at keychains?".

"Ehh? It's not like I have any secret motives or anything. More importantly, let's go see what's over there" Ike replied.

In response to the Ike who tried to change the subject like that, Yamauchi turned his eyes in suspicion.

"Hey...if I remember right, the one who liked that orange character. Wasn't it Shinohara?" he asked Ike.

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Once again, Shinohara was an unexpected name to hear here. She's a girl from Class D too and during the island test, I recall she fought frequently with Ike regarding their opinions.

"R-really? No, I was just thinking about Kikyo-chan is all. That's really all there is to it" Ike replied to Yamauchi. He did say that, but I could clearly see Ike's unrest as he said that.

"You, it can't be but are you thinking about Shinohara?" Yamauchi again asked Ike.

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"Huuuuuh? Definitely not, that ugly girl! I'm absolutely not thinking about her!" Ike quickly retorted.

Indeed, if compared to someone like Kushida, it might be the case but Shinohara is also a girl who's plenty cute. Her personality surely isn't the best but that too could be counted as part of her charm.

"Are you telling the truth? Something seems fishy here, right Ayanokouji?" Yamauchi turned to ask me.

"I certainly wasn't a very Ike-like response" I told him.