Does online school technology make money?

Does online school technology make money?

When I said that and returned the spy camera,

「A-Allen-kun, you are a man!」

「I am grateful though!」

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They patted their chests down with relief and expressed their gratitude.

After pulling through the senpais’ prank easily, the regular meeting “Lunch party” finally began.

However, the lunch party which was supposed to be fun, was enveloped in a heavy atmosphere today.

First of all, the usual mood maker Ria was silent.

(I wonder what’s going on. When we came to the academy together this morning, she was as usual, but…)

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Right around morning homeroom, she suddenly lost her energy.

And the president’s behaviour was still strange.

She continued to do strange things today as well, like repeatedly glancing at me and turning away the moment our eyes met.

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On the other hand, Rose was eating lunch as usual without any particular concern.