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Li Shi quickly stood up. “Boss Pei! Don’t be hasty.

“Erm, we have understood the situation for the project, but we need to discuss some implementation details with Brother Chen. Boss Pei, we’re here. Won’t it be too appropriate for us to leave just like that?”

He spoke earnestly. Pei Qian thought for a while and felt that this humble request did not seem to be excessive.

“Alright, you continue your discussions then.”

Pei Qian gave Chen Kangtuo a nod. Chen Kangtuo understood immediately and nodded back.

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Boss Pei had sent him a message previously to only introduce the current situation without saying a word more on the current situation.

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Chen Kangtuo decided to strictly follow Boss Pei’s instructions. He would only tell the facts and not make any suggestions.

Boss Li looked at everyone and said with a low voice, “No one is allowed to leave until the plan is finalized!”

The investors nodded, staring at death in the face. It would become easy to wrestle with each other once there were multiple parties to a project. The most important thing in such a situation would be to not delay.

It was difficult to get them all together so they had to quickly finalize the things that needed to be finalized. Any delay would result in achieving nothing. Therefore, they had to obtain information from Boss Pei by hook or by crook! Even if they had to suffer!

They might say that they did not care about making a loss, but in actual fact, who would not care about making losses? They pretended to do that so that they could fool Boss Pei. These investors were smarter than the other; they would not throw money into a project they knew nothing about.

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Even if it was Boss Pei’s project.

They might not care so much about the formality and the details, but they still had to do their due diligence.

Chen Kangtuo spread out the floor plan of the project on the table.

Everyone was silent for a while. Li Shi stood up and said. “How about I start the ball rolling? First, I plan to set up a restaurant to solve the food problem for tourists. As for the location... well... Brother Chen, do you think this place here is appropriate?”

He pointed at a spot on the map and looked towards Chen Kangtuo.

Chen Kangtuo gave a polite smile. “That has to be decided by your good self. I apologize I cannot give you any suggestions.”

Pei Qian gave another thumbs-up silently.