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I silently put my hand on my chest as I bit my lips…I didn’t shake his hand as NOBE, all I’m doing is facing the ground.


Keita’s hand is still there. He blinked his eyes confusingly.

I just kept my head down as I told him.

“Keita, there’s…there’s nothing else that I wanted to tell you today.”

My words made Keita put back his hand as he let out a dumbfounded sigh.

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“What’s with the formal tone. Don’t tell me there’s something you’re hiding from me as well? Alright, say it. At this point, I’m confident that I won’t freak out even if you tell me that you’re actually an alien-“

Just as Keita’s joking around like that.

I can feel my cheeks’ slightly flaring up. My eyes are filled with determination as I raised my head-

Keita, who’s looking at me and holding his breath for no reason.

Under the starry sky.

I puffed up my chest and announced to him with a top-tier smile, devoid of haze.

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“Keita. I…I really love you.”

Hello, I’m the author that washes his upper left arm first during a bath, Sekina Aoi.

…Well, we’re starting the afterword with the most useless information in the world. I think smart readers will have an idea already, this will be a lengthy afterword too. As usual, even there are no additives, no processing, and no adjustment in content, the word count somehow got higher. It can’t be helped. I can’t violate the laws of nature.