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However, for me, this time, …it doesn’t work. This is so much more frustrating. It’s like the show was suddenly over without even noticing that it’s the last episode. I can’t handle the ending this fast.

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“I want a bit more, at least…”

It’s just like the ghost in this live stream. Even if I have quit my addiction toward Keita Amano, I just want a few more clips. You have to slowly reduce the use of cigarettes when you want to quit smoking, right? Even though I’m about to…make him, …no, …I need a partner in replacement for now, at least.

“Ao, …she looks like she definitely won’t become my partner.”

She’s a determined girl. It’s useless to invite her again once she said no. At this point, perhaps I should ask other acquaintances instead. But…


I thought about this as I walked. However, …no acquaintance’s face came into my mind even when I was already in front of the game store.

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I know this isn’t good, but I always use Keita Amano as a comparison.

Well, Keita Amano has some of the best qualities to become a good live streamer.

“I know that’s not true…”

My shoulders dropped as I looked at the entrance of the game store. Wait, since when…?

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(Hiya, that’s rare. Someone’s actually playing here.)

I can see a high school girl trying out the demo that no one would play usually.

It’s a famous scroll action game in the past, but no one will even try that now.

I stopped at a distance. Honestly, I can’t help but watch this unusual demo unfold.

(Hmm, I think this happened before. …Oh, right, that’s where I first met Keita.)

This is nostalgic. Right, I was just trying to look for an easy live streaming partner. I said something along the lines of, “Someone that loves playing games but not good at it. Their reaction should be good too.” However, just as I’m thinking that there won’t be someone like this-

At this time, that high school girl is busy fighting a simple-minded and weak enemy. Her character took damage. Then, perhaps she’s getting nervous, she pressed the wrong button and fell into the bottomless pit. The girl just lost a life meaninglessly. She’s so bad that I want to share with her a game walkthrough.