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The moment I tightly grasped the sword with my trembling hands and managed to assume Seigan no Kamae,

「Allen Rodore… It’s your win…」

The lightning sword, Indra, snapped right in half, and Idol-san slowly collapsed on her back.

Silence enveloped the venue.


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The commentator declared the results in a loud voice that could even reach the heavens.

At that moment, the audience erupted in cheers.

「Amazing! What a fight! They’re both still first-year students?! Unbelievable!」

「Allen Rodore… How did such a terrifying swordsman remain nameless until now…?」

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「That『Prodigy』Idol Luxmaria, was defeated! We need to publish Extra News! I’ll immediately write this story!」

After receiving tremendous cheers and thunderous applause, I responded by raising my right hand up.

At the end of a serious battle in which we both staked all our strength, I won against the remarkable『Prodigy』Idol Luxmaria.

I gained a spectacular victory in the first battle, and dragged my heavy body down the stage.

「A-Amazing, Allen-kun! I never thought you’d beat that『Prodigy』Idol Luxmaria!」

「Way to go! You’re pretty much on par with us!」

「Lilim, no matter how you look at it, he’s better than us though…」

The excited president and senpais quickly came running to me.

「Thank you very much. It was a tough fight, but I somehow managed to win.」