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Xiao Lu could only nod and say, “Alright, Boss Pei!”

He was a little emotional as he took a brand new unsealed phone from the table and went to settle the bill.

“Remember, use three thousand five hundred on your credit card and four hundred and ninety-nine from the shopping gift card; then, give the receipt to Assistant Xin to charge as expenses!

“Don’t spend your own salary!”

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Seeing Xiao Lu heading to pay, Pei Qian was still a little not content. He looked at Huang Sibo and asked, “I think it’s time for your cell phone to change as well, right?”

Huang Sibo hurriedly gestured and said, “No, Boss Pei, I only changed it two months ago…”

“However, your cell phone is a lite version; it is like digital trash, do you know?” Pei Qian took a look and immediately saw what model that was.

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“There’s really no need, Boss Pei. I have other things I want to buy.” Huang Sibo rejected once more.

Pei Qian nodded. Since Huang Sibo had other things to buy, Pei Qian was going to wait and see. He took a look at Lin Wan. However, Lin Wan actually raised her left hand and displayed the Shenhua M10 model in her hand.

This was the latest commercial flagship cell phone; the cheapest model cost over five thousand yuan. Furthermore, Lin Wan’s cell phone looked rather special; it should be a high-spec one. Lin Wan said, “I basically have everything in this shop, Boss Pei.”

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Pei Qian, “…”

Sigh, rich second-generation heirs really could do as they wished; Lin Wan was really something!

It was 2 PM.

Everyone was present in the conference room on the second floor of DGE Club.

Many of the bidders, like Yao Bo, were coming to Jingzhou for the first time.

Initially, they had decided to participate in the bidding purely because of Shenhua Corporation’s participation and Tengda’s good reputation. They had felt that it was profitable to fight for the GPL spot.

However, when they arrived at the scene, and as they observed the DGE Club’s training, they all realized one crucial point.

Boss Pei was seriously working in the eSports industry!