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Claude-san is terrifyingly strong.

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She is not an opponent I can beat by going easy.

「R-Ria-sama!? Me, falling behind for the second time against this worm!?」

「E-Err… Ahaha, Allen is strong after all, so…」

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Ria apologized cutely, saying ”I’m sorry,” with a wry smile.

「Kuh… Ki-Kisama… you seem to have sunk your fangs into Ria-sama quite a bit again.」

「N-No, no, I didn’t sink anything…」

I am already troubled by baseless rumours as it is….

“Allen sank his fangs into the princess of Vesteria Kingdom,” don’t even joke about such an evil portrayal.

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「Fu, fufu, fu…! Alright then, in that case, I apply for a duel against you, worm!」


Not a mock battle or a match, but a『duel』.

A serious match that stakes the pride of a swordsman. Fighting against each other with predetermined conditions.

「If I lose, I’ll abide by any one thing you say. But, if you lose, you have to listen to one of my orders. Whatever it might be!」Claude-san said, with a serious expression.

(…The conditions are more or less fifty-fifty.)

However, I have to state one thing firmly.

「I’ll tell you beforehand. I can’t abide to a reckless order, like『kill someone』or『don’t get involved with Ria』, okay?」