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Pei Qian laughed. What rubbish, why would I invest in it if it could be profitable?

However, he could definitely not say that.

Everyone at the conference table, including He Desheng, was shocked. They read the ‘shared phone booth’ investment proposal a long time ago but treated it as a total joke.

Shared phone booth, scanning a QR code to make calls… Wasn’t that just redundant?

If someone could use their cell phone to scan a QR code, why would they use the phone booth to call?

Moreover, this was nothing new. There used to be so many public phone booths on the streets, but no one used them now.

Why? Times had changed! Who would still use a phone booth to make calls if everyone had a cell phone?

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In the end, Boss Pei read it for ten seconds tops and decided to invest?

Pei Qian smiled, seeing everyone’s puzzled eyes. “You are not optimistic about this project?”

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Everyone nodded. Pei Qian looked at Ma Yang. “You too?”

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Ma Yang nodded then shook his head. “Brother Qian, any project you choose will definitely be alright! It will definitely be profitable!”

Pei Qian’s expression darkened.

This Old Ma was bootlicking, but why do I not feel good at all…? Definitely be profitable? Don’t curse me please! Pei Qian coughed slightly. “Remember, investing in something that everyone is optimistic about is not venture capitalist. That’s crowdfunding.