What big data is made online

What big data is made online

What was I thinking about?! Is Boss Pei that petty?

Look, Boss Pei’s not even angry. In fact, he’s rewarding us!

The best outcome that He Desheng had thought of earlier was an increase in salary.

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However, Boss Pei was now offering Dream Realization Ventures another sum of money. That was even better than getting a pay raise!

Pei Qian had no idea what He Desheng was thinking. However, he knew that whatever the latter was thinking was probably a far cry from whatever he was thinking.

After what happened the previous time, Pei Qian had intended to leave Dream Realization Ventures with no work to do for a period.

However, he had discovered that the group of employees had started working on GOG while they had nothing else to do. That was extremely dangerous!

He had to give them something.

Although Boss Pei did not have much spare cash left, Tengda’s businesses were now quite big. He could afford to fork out another three or four million yuan without much issue.

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However, the outcome of Ma Yang’s investment in IOI had not been revealed yet. For now, Pei Qian found it difficult to trust Ma Yang again.

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Pei Qian had to take charge of the investment this time!

Ma Yang nodded profusely. “Alright, Brother Qian, no problem! I’ll spend the money as quickly as possible!”

Pei Qian’s expression darkened. “No, no, no. Don’t be so rash this time.

“Look around for a while. Find more dream realization projects. I’ll come over after some time, and we can discuss things before you make a decision.”

Ma Yang looked confused. “Brother Qian, weren’t you the one who taught me to be daring and invest when I should, without hesitating? Didn’t you tell me to invest in whatever I liked and trust in my own instincts?”

Pei Qian cleared his throat twice. “Hehe, I did say that before. You’re right.

“However, that was when you were new to investing. You had just joined the industry. I kept emphasizing to you not to hesitate in order to nurture your decisiveness in making investments!