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Pei Qian grinned.

Not many of them have played such games? That’s perfect!

Pei Qian chose horror games because he was inspired by Xia Jiang and the others’ experience at the amusement park.

After the interview team fled Jingzhou without bidding farewell, Pei Qian asked the Tengda staff who accompanied them to the amusement park about what they did. After asking around, he discovered that many people took part in extreme activities like drop towers, roller coasters, and pendulum rides-even though they were extremely terrifying.

Perhaps it was because they were already there, and they did not have to pay a cent.

However, few people took part in one particular attraction—the haunted house!

What’s more, it was not just the interview team who did not like the haunted house. The same could be said for all the customers in the amusement park.

Pei Qian looked into this phenomenon a bit more and realized that among all the attractions in this amusement park in Jingzhou City, the haunted house was indeed the least popular.

At the end of the day, there were two reasons for this:

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Many tourists-females especially-would dare to take part in high-altitude attractions, but not dare to walk into a haunted house. Their boyfriends could not possibly leave them alone and enter on their own. Just like that, a huge group of tourists would be dissuaded from entering the haunted house.

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At the same time, this haunted house had a limited set-up and path. Thus, even if some tourists were interested to venture inside, they would emerge feeling disappointed. Of course, they would not enter a second time.

With this as his inspiration, Pei Qian decided to recreate this experience in a game!

Would creating a horror game greatly increase the chances of incurring loss?