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Is the Star International App Online Make money?

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Zhao Xuming fell into a state of confusion and almost thought that he was hallucinating.

The FV actually beat the opponent at 3: 0 and made it into the top four?

What’s more, every round would take only about 25 minutes or so. The entire scene was one-sided!

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In the competition, FV Club displayed two different styles:

During the time of the match and the snowball, all the players completed their tasks as accurately as robots. They could hardly see any mistakes;

Once they entered an advantageous period, they would play aggressively. They would surpass the tower, show their mark, and torture the spring. They simply did not treat the opponent as a human. They would play the top eight of the finals as though the opponents were a bunch of rookies!

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Obviously, this was something that could only be done if there was a clear gap between both parties’ strength and understanding of the game.

Zhao Xuming had been waiting for FV Club to be defeated at 3: 0 so that the fake reviewers would increase their efforts. Yet, FV had given the opposing team 3: 0!

All the excuses he had prepared earlier were all for nothing!

The only thing Zhao Xuming felt now was confusion.

Wasn’t FV Team just a team that was about the same strength as SUG? If they were to say that they had won one round, that would be a huge win. However, if they were to thrash the European and American teams at 3: 0, what would they say?

Zhao Xuming even suspected that Boss Pei secretly changed all five members of FV Team. Otherwise, how could such a drastic change happen in such a short time?

It was not only Zhao Xuming who did not understand. Long Yu Corporation, Finger Games, and even the entire world’s audience did not understand either.