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Spreading negative energy could indeed trigger negative emotions in a group of audience and bring the game into the spotlight. However, everyone would know full well that this would be wrong.

Negative energy could not change one’s life for the better.

Struggle’s sales were not through the roof at the moment. If this extended for a year, Pei Qian would probably be able to profit a little. Now, he was less than a month from settlement. No matter how he looked at the situation, he could not find a way to recover all the investment he had poured into the game.

That was the silver lining.

Clearly, Pei Qian’s strategy of investing a huge sum into the game from the beginning had proven very effective. The work was exquisite, and the game’s production allowed others to free-ride.

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Yet, Boss Pei still felt wronged! He was not supposed to earn either fame or fortune. Yet, now, while he wasn’t gaining much fortune, he was gaining much more fame!

Struggle had successfully broken out of the circle. Not only were gamers paying attention to it, but those who didn’t normally play games were as well. There were many walkthroughs of Struggle on Aili Island, and the discussions were unstoppable.

All Pei Qian wanted to do now was to interrogate Teacher He.

Didn’t he say that going against all four theories would be a surefire way to fail? What happened to me, then?

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Is there something wrong with your lessons, Teacher?

Pei Qian furiously sipped his coffee. Soon, He An arrived.

“Teacher He, about Struggle...”

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Pei Qian wanted to ask why none of his theories proved accurate. However, at that moment, He An burst into laughter and interrupted Pei Qian.

“Boss Ma, I know what you want to say!”

Pei Qian: “?”