Can China online lottery can make money?

Can China online lottery can make money?

Oh, seems the dignity of the first Great Demon King is completely crushed.

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“...... Oh, where are you going, Little Man?”


“Besides, it seems you were talking to yourself, what are you up to? Is your current ailment a step in the plan to bed me?”

Sadiz came into the room after a light knock.

I was so startled that I jumped.

I see... to the people around me, do all the conversations with the Great Demon King sound like my monologue?

“Furthermore, you changed clothes... what? You are to take a good rest today.”

“Oh, no, a little walk in the city.”

“I’ll blow you away, Little man.”

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Saying that, Sadiz instantly got into the room and grabbed my cheeks and smiled.

『Hoh~ This maid...... she is formidable.』

The voice of admiration from the Great Demon King. Yes, when she’s serious, she’s much stronger than the princess was today.

That’s why it’s a miserable story, my chances of winning right now is non-existent.

“Nu-fu-fu, most troubling, Little man. Today, I was intent on pampering my Lil’ Earth, feed him dinner myself, washing his body in the bath, might even overlook some mild sexual harassment in the bathroom. Alas....”