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“We want to know what is happening right now too!”


Only the little girl is shaking her head dumbfoundedly in front of the 5 embarrassing high school boys.

“I see. …I understood the situation now, but please allow me to memorize it.”

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So, 5 minutes have passed after that. Amano’s sitting on the bench in the rest area and looked at everyone.

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We nodded, and Amano began relaying the information immediately.

“First of all, …Uehara-kun and Kousei were minding their own business initially, but they bumped into each other. …Then, you two started an argument for some reason. In the end, you guys decided to sort this out in the arcade. …Is that right?”

Kousei and I nodded. Amano continued.

“At that time, on the other side, Mizumi-kun was thinking ‘why don’t I get some new games’ during the holiday. So, you invited Kase-senpai to the arcade.”


Kase-senpai and Mizumi nodded. Amano continued.

“Also, on the other side, you, …the kid named Mii Fushiguro, you got separated with your mother around here. Then, you eventually got to the arcade when you’re wandering around aimlessly.”

“Carbonic acid, I love.”

The doll-like girl is sitting on Amano’s lap. She didn’t answer his question. Instead, she’s just holding the can with both of her hands and sipping slowly. …By the way, I think Amano got that drink for himself. …Wow, the man looked down upon by a little girl 5 minutes after they met, Keita Amano.