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Pei Qian nodded. Wu Yueyi did not look very confident. It should not be a problem.

However, Pei Qian did not think that FV Club would really be eliminated in the first round of the top eight. After all, his luck was bad, whatever he hoped for never happened.

They could still make it to the top four if they could stand up to it.

They would be able to save face if they were eliminated in the top four.

At that time, netizens would definitely focus their firepower on the other two clubs. FV Club would still be the strongest club in IOI’s local server...

That wouldn’t do!

Pei Qian suddenly felt that the current situation was still not very stable. The main reason was that the performance of the other two clubs was too sloppy, which fired FV club up.

FV Club would still be the best performing domestic team if they made it to the top four without winning the championship.

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At that thought, Pei Qian said, “I saw that our club’s official Weibo has been posting daily photos and videos recently.”

Wu Yue immediately understood. “I understand, Boss Pei. Are you saying that the competition is around the corner and that we should not publish such things so as not to attract hatred and affect the players’ mentality? I’ll tell them to stop posting on Weibo.”

Pei Qian raised his hand. “No! That’s not what I meant.”

“I mean, this is a very good thing. We have to work harder on it!”

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“You have to post on Weibo with high intensity every day to maintain the presence of the players.”

“Not only that, we also have to work on Weibo to mock the other teams and comment on the competition that just ended. We have to specifically pick on the problem of winning teams.”

“Jokes, an emoji pack, do everything you can! Bring high traffic!”