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「Tis so. A dream of conquering the world…. To be surrounded by women…. anything. 」

「Oh… Ooooh… 」

Can you have any dream you want? T-Then, even if it’s a dream, it’s delicious…. I wanna try a lotta stuff right away. [1]

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「However, this magic requires a degree of sophistication and imagination. Even if you dream of conquering the world, if the level you can imagine is low and lacks palpability, you can only reproduce half-hearted images. 」

「…… About that…… For example, no, really, just an example, but I don’t have any intention of using it for such a thing. E-Even if I dream of doing ‘ero’ stuff with Sadiz, I’ve never seen Sadiz naked, so will I produce only low level results there? 」 [2]

「………… You are not mistaken, but… do not be astonished. Rather, how has he not realized that his mind is wide open? 」

No, there is no problem even if he is shocked. Or rather, have I just been taught some awesome magic?

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Right now, when I used this magic, I didn’t think about anything in particular, and it was my first time using it, so it ended up like this. If I could improve the quality of this magic more…… even if it’s a little bit… If I could know more about Sadiz’s body… even though it’s a dream, happiness!

「But you should be cautious. Tis a dream after all, but it can be reproduced as far as the intention of the wielder. Therefore…… it has been known to create addicts that are too engrossed in dreams and become blind to reality. 」

「Huh!? 」

「As such, this magic was prohibited in the demon world. In a certain country, the populace engaged in dreams that were convenient for them, and as a result of escaping from reality, it was a place where they were so abandoned that they perished. 」

「No, you know, you should have told me that kind of heavy story before I signed up for the magic! 」

Dreams become an addiction. Sure, if what Tre’ainar was saying was true, it could have happened.