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「Then, what about winter?」

Ria asked, tilting her head.

「Ah, winter is good, too. The cold tenses my body and mind, so I can focus on every single swing.」

「Hou, how about spring?」

Rose asked this time.

「Yeah, spring is good, too. It’s warm so I can swing my sword comfortably.」

「「What about summer then?」」

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Ria and Rose asked at the same time.

「Summer is good, too… Especially the harsh heat is good.『This is what true training feels like!』That feeling is best.」

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「Fufu… Haa, Allen judges everything by their usefulness for training.」

「Well, it seems that Allen is the『cricket of training』.」1

「I-Is that so?」

While chatting as such, we arrived at the Student Council Room before long.