What are the online profit?

What are the online profit?

“The paper of the notebook is made of a special material. The paper is tough and solid, and there are relief carvings made by dented workmanship on it.”

“Such a technique is often used on some name cards. The quality of the name cards is improved by embossing and matching colors. Every page is in this style in this notebook.”

“We can make the first half of the original art more three-dimensional through the embossing effect. We can also suppress a position for the stamp on the blank page in the second half. That way, the position of the stamp would not deviate because of the trembling of our hands. It would look more beautiful.”

“Every stall has a special seal. The symbol on this seal is made according to the snack type of the stall and the vendor’s personal preferences. They are all different. It looks traditional but also has some Cyberpunk style.”

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“This notebook is mainly prepared for customers who like to check-in. It doesn’t affect the experience whether they buy it or not.”

“Combining electronic maps and physical maps would allow customers to better understand the layout of the entire snack market. It would also be more in line with the ‘smart life’ concept advocated by Tengda Life App.”

Pei Qian fell silent again.

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Good lord, this is just an ordinary snack street, and yet it’s giving me so many tricks?

They were waiting for new updates, check-in and planning routes... where were their daily tasks and running laps?

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Zhang Yahui and Liang Qingfan did not look like people who would come up with such a design.

Could it be...?

After a moment of silence, Pei Qian asked, “These designs couldn’t have been made by Bao Xu, right?

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The next day…

Pei Qian sent a document over to Lu Mingliang. “Do as it says.”

Pei Qian trusted in Lu Mingliang’s ability to listen to instructions. Ever since they started research and development of Game Designer, Lu Mingliang had been loyally acceding to Pei Qian’s requests. Even when Pei Qian asked him to do voice-overs, he did it.