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Pei Qian’s first goal was to reduce the number of players buying Repent and be Saved’s main game. That way, once the income decreased, he would be able to make Repent and be Saved free of charge without being warned by the system.

Therefore, he had to put the downloadable content before the main content. He had to force players to experience the downloadable content before experiencing the main body. The downloadable content would be even more difficult than the main game.

That way, gamers who had not bought Repent and be Saved would not be able to get through the downloadable content. They would not be able to get a 70%!d(MISSING)iscount, and they would not be able to bear to buy the main game at the original price. Wouldn’t the sales drop?

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Coincidentally, the plot content of Eternal Reincarnation happened to be the story that happened before the main plot. The protagonist of the downloadable content was the first Prison Keeper.

That provided Pei Qian with theoretical support.

System, take a good look. I did not deliberately cause trouble by putting the content of the downloadable content in front and the content in back. That was the way the author’s plot setting was. I changed the game to follow the timeline!

The next question was how to make the downloadable content more difficult than the main game.

The difficulty level of the system design alone could not be increased. After all, Pei Qian had to ensure that he could complete it.

He could only work on the gameplay if he wanted to increase the difficulty.

That meant that Repent and be Saved’s basic combat system had to be modified.

Fortunately, there were some details in the story of Eternal Reincarnation which could be used.

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Of course, the so-called utilisation was also far-fetched and forced.

On the surface, he was using the identity of the protagonist ‘Martial God’. However, in reality, he was purely trying to increase the difficulty and dissuade players.

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Pei Qian quickly had a rough idea. He cleared his throat and said, “There’s nothing wrong with your original idea. However, the problem is that it’s too conservative. I can’t tell that this is a brand new story.”

“The downloadable content must give gamers a different feeling. How can we live up to the expectations of gamers if we only make minor adjustments to the original battle foundation? We would also be letting down the hard work of the original author for conceptualizing the plot!”

These words made the author of Eternal Reincarnation, Yu Fei, a little embarrassed.

In fact, he did not think much about it when he wrote this story. He only felt that the identity of the Prison Keeper was relatively special. He could dig deeper and make up a slightly tacky story.