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Pei Qian sipped his coffee nonchalantly. “Why should we distribute flyers? How classy would that be? We have to allow our customers to stumble upon this place. Then, it would be a pleasant surprise!”

“Allow customers to stumble upon this place…?”

Ma Yang felt like there was something wrong with this strategy. However, at that moment, he found it difficult to rebut it.

May 3rd, Thursday...

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5pm in the afternoon.

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The news conference was still held in the banquet hall of the Oasis Four Seasons Hotel, the biggest five-star hotel in Jingzhou City, just like the OTTO E1 cell phone news conference.

They were at the same place and had similar products. However, the timing had been changed.

Previously, E1’s cell phone conference was held at 3 PM on Sunday. This time, G1’s cell phone conference was held at 5 PM on Thursday. What’s more, it was the first working day after the May Day holiday.

Obviously, Pei Qian had specifically chosen this time.

Chang You had set the timing for the news conference previously. Pei Qian had not asked about it. Now that he thought about it, there was a huge problem: Sunday was a holiday after all. There was too much traffic on the internet. Once the news conference was released, it immediately became popular on Aili Island and attracted widespread attention.

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Thus, Pei Qian specially set the G1 cell phone’s news conference at this very awkward time.

First of all, this was the first working day after the May Day holiday. It was everyone’s first day at work, and they were probably very down. The work piled up during the holiday made most people anxious, and they should not be in the mood to pay attention to the news conference. Secondly, it was five o’clock at this time. Any earlier, the office workers might be able to get news of the news conference after their afternoon nap. Any later, say after seven in the evening, everyone would be home from work. They could also take the time to eat and watch the news conference.

That was why it was set for five o’clock. Everyone was in a state of wanting to go home and start thinking about what to eat tonight. They would definitely minimize the impact of this news conference!

The audience at the news conference this time was still mainly the loyal customers of the technology media and Jingzhou. They were all given tickets. The technology media from other cities would be reimbursed for their food, accommodation, and transportation fees.

In any case, he would not save where he could spend money.

Pei Qian arrived at the venue earlier than the previous time and found a seat.