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I swung my fist down again.

"Gah!.....ahh, shit, it's becoming difficult to talk again".

I repeatedly rained down blows left and right at short intervals. But even then, Ryuuen didn't really feel fear.

"Violence reflects your true self. Both the one doing the beating and the one being beaten".

Ryuuen closed his eyes and laughed.

Provoking me to hit him as many times as I want.

"Hah, must be fun for you, Ayanokouji. You can act as cocky as you want with that sort of strength. You can do whatever the hell you want. That's why show me, Ayanokouji.....".

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He opened his eyes.

And I then started raining down punches while aiming for his face.

His face had already swollen up but both his external and internal bleeding have also gotten really bad.

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But even then, Ryuuen does not feel fear.

As a human being, it should be one of his primal instincts.

Yet that's not kicking in.

"Hasn't this gone far enough, Ryuuen?".