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“Eh? Then Tendou-san and you both understand my temper, right.”

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“Ah, b-but that was purely based on the same situation as last time. To put it this way, it’s alright for you to reject them if you view gaming differently. However…”

Chiaki glared at me fiercely as she said this.

“You still tried to cut ties with them when the Game Club members are willing to back down on their gaming attitude, that’s an entirely separate issue.”

“…Yep, you’re right. Well, that’s actually…completely different.”

That’s the part that I agreed with. I lifted the coffee at the side that was about to lose all of its heat and sipped gently to buy time.

During this period, Chiaki is still staring at me forcefully…It looks like she’s really considering Tendou-san.

“…I’m excited.”

Even though I was the one that Chiaki is pissed with, I’m pleased to know that she is willing to be angry for Tendou-san.

However, that’s why…I can’t cheese it with random words.

I drank my coffee as I made up my mind before looking at Chiaki’s eyes directly.

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“Right. Just like what you’ve said, my reason for rejecting to join the club is entirely different than last time. However, on the other hand, my fundamental mindset is still the same.”

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“What do you mean?”

“Previously, I rejected because I wanted to keep my attitude for gaming.”