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There were still forty more years to go!

The company had already achieved so many great things under Boss Pei’s leadership over the past two years. What could become of Tengda in forty more years? What could become of everyone’s careers?Just thinking about it made everyone tremble!

Under a boss like Boss Pei, everyone would be willing to fight for the rest of their lives, much less for forty more years!

As people trembled in awe, the atmosphere in the restaurant became even livelier.

Boss Pei had been catching up on sleep after working so hard on GOG. All of a sudden, he jolted awake to see the blazing, afternoon sun. Then, he quickly calmed down.

“Why am I having nightmares in broad daylight? “That’s terrifying. I dreamt that, even after working hard all my life, I failed to incur losses and become a tycoon. At sixty years old, I was still being backstabbed at work by countless employees!

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“What a failure! If that really happens, I’ll kill myself by crushing a tofu into my head!

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“That’s alright... dreams are always the opposite of reality. It’s impossible...”

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Pei Qian yawned, turned around, and went back to sleep.

March 21st, Monday...

Pei Qian woke up at noon sharp, ate his lunch, and then headed to the office. He was about to enter the elevator when he realized that GOG’s client-side game was supposed to be released today.

Thus, he did not click ’16’. Instead, he decided to head to the 17th level to walk around and ask how GOG’s client-side game was doing.

Based on the time, the client-side game should have been released two or three hours ago. The initial figures should have been out. It would be enough to paint a rough picture for Pei Qian.

“GOG’s client-side game would definitely not be as popular as the mobile game.