How make money selling cars online

How make money selling cars online

That was fine. What was more, there was absolutely no connection between the rich and the poor versions.

He An originally thought that the one who killed the rich protagonist was probably the poor protagonist whose dreams had shattered or perhaps even his son. However, he tried for a long time without being able to find any connection between the two.

There was absolutely no connection between the rich protagonist, the poor protagonist, and his son.

That meant that it made no difference to the rich version whether you bought the poor version or not.

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That was very ridiculous!

That seemed to be screaming ‘You best not buy both; if you really want to buy it, then buy the rich version.’

It was not very reasonable!

He could not help but apply his theory for game design to this game. He spoke about four main points to Boss Ma:

Choose marketing methods according to the game content...

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Choose a game type with a high market share...

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Have your personal opinion in the game...

Analyze and fulfill the market demand...