Simple and reliable make money on the Internet

Simple and reliable make money on the Internet

<Profit Conversion Ratio 100:1. Loss Conversion Ratio 1:1>

<Next Settlement: 7 days later.>

<System Funds: 51394.5 (↑1394.5)>

<Personal Wealth: 367>

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He closed the interface of the system, feeling as though he was about to die!

He could truly take this no more!

In truth, Pei Qian had mentally prepared himself slightly before looking at the figures – after all, he could have a rough estimate of how much money the game made based on the number of downloads.

After Teacher Qiao’s episode was published, the game’s downloads was increasing daily.

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Teacher Qiao’s video was shared widely by many marketing accounts and there were other content creators who hopped aboard the bandwagon hoping to get a piece of The Lonely Desert Road’s hype.

The moment it started getting viral and people were sharing it, it was almost impossible to stop the hype train.

Pei Qian could only watch helplessly as the game’s daily downloads went from dozens to hundreds to thousands.

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The rapid surge in the downloads numbers caused the game to get a better recommendation spot under indie, driving simulator and racing games genres as well.

Each time Pei Qian turned on the system’s back end, he would receive notifications.