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The trust that Yukimura has nurtured in these sessions seems to have had a good effect on the both of them. I can’t imagine that they would hold any more doubts about Yukimura’s approach.

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“Then, Ayanokōji. From today forward, I’ll have you do these too.”


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“You should be able to get a good enough score, but your partner is Satō. You’ll have to prepare and review thoroughly. If you both drop out, there’s no way back for us.”

“No, I-”

“Do it, Ayanokōji-kun. Or should we die together?”

Hasebe’s head droops like a ghost with her bangs hanging. She grabs me by the hand as if trying to drag me to the bottom depths of a well.


I was dragged away by a chilling creepy voice and swallowed up by the darkness of liberal arts questions.

(Intro End)

“By the way, isn’t there a Yoshimoto-kun in Class C? Miyatchi, do you know?”

“Do you mean Yoshimoto Kōsetsu? He’s in the archery club.”

“Ooh yeah, that Yoshimoto-kun. I heard that he started going out with a second-year, you know?”

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Tired of studying, Hasebe began to gossip.

“I hadn’t heard anything about that, but I was just thinking that he’s been in a hurry to leave early for some strange reason. So that’s what it was.”

In high school, the hurdle for dating someone even one year older is pretty high. When you’re an adult in your thirties, a year or two age difference doesn’t seem like it would matter very much. Although this is something I can’t imagine as a teenager, this is surely how it works.

“Yoshimoto-kun has been super motivated and says that they’re going to get married in the future. The man is a simple idiot.”