Is the online business platform generally really true?

Is the online business platform generally really true?

“If we want to buy exclusive broadcasting rights, it would be even more expensive! Zhao Xuming can sell the broadcasting rights to at least three or four live-stream platforms. The expected price would be about thirty to forty million yuan. If we want to broadcast it alone, we have to buy it at a higher price!”

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“What’s more, we are competitors with Finger Games. How could Zhao Xuming sell the broadcasting rights to us...”

The more Chen Yufeng analyzed, the more he felt that this was ridiculous.

Boss Pei had GPL’s broadcasting rights on his own and could give them to anyone. However, he did not intend to let Bunny Tail live-stream GPL at all.

Why would he spend so much money to buy a competitor’s league when there were free and better ones?

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What was going on?

He could not understand at all.

Pei Qian had expected Chen Yufeng’s reaction. He could not help but smile. “It’s alright. I’ll give Eric a call. I’ll definitely be able to buy it.”

He did not think that he had any relationship with Eric. He was more confident about his money.

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Eric was not selling? That was easy. He just had to pay more.

There were no eternal friends or enemies in the business world. There were only eternal interests.

Tengda Corporation was a competitor of Finger Games and had a deep-seated hatred... He had to increase the money!

Pei Qian believed that Eric would definitely be moved as long as the price he offered and the related publicity were sincere enough.

Chen Yufeng was speechless seeing Boss Pei’s confident expression.

Boss Pei must have planned something since he was so sure.