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As a teacher, she should be fully aware of the true nature of this exam, where a split-second judgment could very well mean the difference between a win and a loss, but… she still didn’t seem to have any intention of letting me go.

“My last designated area was D7, so it’s more than possible that my next will be here in area C6. If that happens, will you take responsibility for causing me to lose out on the Early Bird Bonus?”

At that, Hoshinomiya-sensei hurriedly let go of my arm and took a few paces back to distance herself.

“C-cruel! Don’t be like that Ayanokōji-kun, teasing is a no-no~ I just wanted to chat a lil’ bit, that’s all. It’s like, I’ve been feelin’ pretty grumpy recently, so how ‘bout you sit back and hear me out?”

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While she had let go of my arm, it didn’t seem like she wanted our conversation to end yet.

I reluctantly decided to keep her company and listen to her, at least for a little while.

“It’s been since the end-of-term exam, yeah? Since we’ve talked one-on-one like this, that is.”

“That’s true.”

Given that she had witnessed me competing firsthand back then, along with my recent perfect score in mathematics, it wasn’t difficult to imagine that she was now more wary of me than ever before.

“Anywho, you’ve been attracting a lotta attention recently, you know? I didn’t think you were the type that liked standing out.”

“I don’t.”

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“Then why’d you get that perfect score in math? I mean like, I think it’s pretty weird that you just went and got ‘em all right. There was even a problem that I wouldn’t have been able to get.”