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“I knew you would understand, Yamauchi. I’m relying on you too, Ayanokouji.”

Seems like I’m second to Yamauchi. Well, it’s not really surprising.

“Even if you ask me to help, I can’t really do much, you know?”

It’s ineffective to self-deprecate whenever someone asks for help, it seems.

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“You’ve been saying that ever since yesterday Ayanokouji-kun. Ike, say something.”

“No, but… well, it’s strange for Ayanokouji to say that he won’t be useful. Well, it’s better than not being there. Probably.”

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As expected, Ike couldn’t come up with how I would be useful.

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With a smug face, I looked at Kushida. It was though I was showing off the power of being a boring person.

“This is disheartening. I thought we got along when we were preparing for the test…”

Ike said in a disappointed tone. I saw Horikita sitting back down in the distance, looking slightly irritated.

“I don’t understand Horikita at all. What’s wrong with her, Ayanokouji? Why is she like that?”

I didn’t know the answer to the question. What am I, a user manual for her? To avoid answering, I stuffed my face with rice.