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“Yes! Then, that personality will affect the hero’s stats. For example, your intelligence will increase when your test result is smart.”

“Yeah, I remember that. That’s a nice design. …Uh, but, what’s up with that?”

That system is pretty impressive, …but what are we talking about?

After I tilted my head, Keita continued talking about the game.

“Then, this test is quite strict. The different personalities yield varying results.”

“…Yep. Although I’m not really sure, …I think that’s the case. From my memory, there are a bunch of personalities that give you positive modifiers. Still, there are many negative ones too.”

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“Exactly! So, it’s better to check out walkthroughs to pick the protagonist’s personalities from a simple gameplay perspective.”

“I see.”

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I don’t understand what he’s trying to say.

Keita looked at the back of the cover nostalgically and pressed on.

“Then, I love < Hero > the most when it comes to the stats modifiers alone. Even though your intelligence will decrease, your power will skyrocket. That’s his personality.”

“It’s a classical pick for a protagonist. I like characters that rely on his strength too.”