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“Is this a coincidence or an ambush?”

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“It’s inevitable. I’ve been waiting for you to come.”

“An ambush, then.”

Horikita gave a disgusted sigh and proceeded to walk past Ryūen.

“Hold up, you’re also submitting your questions at the last minute, right? Let’s go together.”

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Ryūen spoke, displaying his envelope in front of Horikita.

“Since I don’t know who’s going take a peep, I understand that you’re also going to be cautious.”

“You’re worrying about someone in your own class? Are you feeling okay?”

“Kuku. No idiot would actually try to betray me.”

“And despite that, you’ve waited until the last moment to submit your questions like I have.”

Horikita used an aggressive approach to return provocation for provocation. Ryūen should find this incredibly enjoyable.

We walked on and he proceeded to follow after us.

“I hope the wisdom you managed to squeeze out of your defective classmates works out well for us.”

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Horikita kept walking, ignoring Ryūen’s existence.

“Ayanokōji-kun, have you been studying properly? I’m curious about the status of your partner as well.”

“As it is, I think failure can be avoided.”

“There’s no use in just thinking it. We can’t have any drop-outs at all. Do not be negligent even though we're confident about anything Class C might throw at us.”