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“Ahaha, what are you doing, Amanocchi. You’re sweating so much. Uwah, perhaps a pig-headed, disgusting, and indoor otaku is really nasty. I can’t handle this. I really can’t.”

“What’s with the horrible words! None of your business! I’m just a weakling that only play games! Of course, I’ll be sweaty as well when I’m running here at full power with this hot weather! Moreover, the only reason that I’m here is because of a retarded, clumsy, and capricious gal called me without thinking…!”

“Ahahahaha, hiya, you’re really dumb, Amanocchi. Sigh, but thank you. Honestly, you didn’t help me in the least bit at all this time.”

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“What the hell. Really…I can’t take this anymore. I can’t deal with you, Aguri-san.”

“Hmph. I was the one that can’t deal with you, Amanocchi.”

We’re not sure what’s making this situation funny, but Amano and Aguri just burst into laughter with each other.

As for we three who just saw their intimate scene…


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Like a population that’s panicking over a giant monster that has been unknowingly growing underground.

All we can do is to bulge our eyes as we stared at them, speechless.

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“Don’t tell me, humans can no longer stop my victory rate?”

I, Karen Tendou, suddenly thought of that. To this puzzle game combat, I’m already on a 30 kill streak.

After school, since we don’t have any club activities today. The Game Club room is occupied by only both of us. I looked away from the TV screen and secretly took a glance at my opponent…My boyfriend, Keita Amano’s face.

Then, there’s…

“…Me… Just a scum whose power level is only 5…” [Note: Dragon ball line by Raditz about the first earthling he met]

“Ahhh, Amano-kun is like that guy with a straw hat, all he does was getting punched.” [Note: I think this is talking about Luffy from One Piece. I’m not sure, didn’t watch it.]

I didn’t realize this because I’m so immersed in the game. During this time, my boyfriend is already lamenting over his inability with bloody tears on his face.

I can’t help but immediately apologize.

“I-I’m sorry, Amano-kun. B-But, I feel like it’s very enriching when I’m combating with Amano-kun!”