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Ma Yang pondered for a moment and continued, “Brother Qian, Chen Yufeng told me that while what I’m doing now is reasonable and legal, it’s still a little dangerous. He said that if possible, he wants me to talk to the company and apply for a bodyguard or something.”

“I don’t think it’s necessary, but he insisted that I report the situation. So, I want to ask, Brother Qian, what do you think?”

Pei Qian looked at Old Ma, his eyes twinkling. “Bodyguard?”

Ma Yang nodded. “Yes. Brother Qian, you think it’s a little exaggerated too, right?”

Pei Qian raised his hand. “No, not exaggerated at all! Old Ma, I’m just filled with regret. Why didn’t I think of that before?”

“We are a society governed by law, but while we must not have the heart to harm others, we cannot fail to guard against others.”

“How about this? You’re making a sacrifice for the company by showing your face in public. In order to ensure your personal safety, I’ll hire a personal bodyguard for you. I’ll hire him for 100,000 yuan a month. He’ll definitely protect you well!”

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Ma Yang was stunned. “Brother Qian, isn’t this a little too high? You don’t even have such a setting for yourself.”

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Pei Qian shook his head. “Sigh, you can’t say that. Your job requires you to have a bodyguard. Don’t reject it.”

Ma Yang might say that there was no need but he was still elated to see Pei Qian’s persistence. “Alright, Brother Qian, I’ll accept the company’s arrangement!”

“That’s right, Brother Qian. Recently, a few of my brothers have asked me for tickets to the GPL league. I told them that the company has regulations and that tickets have to be done in a business-like manner. They don’t believe me, I have no choice but to ask you for advice.”

Pei Qian nodded. “Yes... I can give you some tickets, but not a lot.”

“How about this? I’ll talk to Shang Yang Games and ask them to reserve a portion of the tickets for the internal employees. However, the number of tickets and seats must be strictly controlled and not given randomly.”

Ma Yang was now an influential figure in school.

Since Pei Qian had been deliberately hiding his identity, most people in the school only saw him as a small internet celebrity. They saw him as Boss Pei’s actor. They saw him as a high-level employee in Tengda at the very best.