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“Hey, that’s amazing! Earth... Not only the breakthrough, but such attacks too!?”

“Ugh, u, uncle... older brother... who to cheer...... ugh~”

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“Wow...... that’s really cool... big brother, had such a skill...”

It seemed I’ve managed to make them forget about the earlier interaction between Mr. Machio, Elder sis Tsukshi and that pervert, at least a little bit.

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The sisters and other guys were amazed with their mouths open.

“Hey, Machio! You’re at a disadvantage from that position!”

“Yes! Don’t just stand there, get close and catch him!”

“Oh, go! Machio!”

But either way, the crowd was impatient and raised their voice to Mr. Machio, who had not moved a single step since the start of the match.

However, Mr. Machio probably understood that he could not do it as things were.

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“Th, the audience ... I wonder if they’re too unreasonable...”

“That’s right, sister. In the first place, even if you can withstand that shockwave and jump at him, how do you catch big brother... the guy uses high-speed steps...”

Mr. Machio would not jump in carelessly.

After all, he seemed to realize.

Even if he endured my attacks and jumped in, he couldn’t catch me.