Is it true that the money-making mission is true?

Is it true that the money-making mission is true?

“Hey, Tendo.”

Even though we were intimidated by how Kase-senpai was obviously enraged, Tendo-san was unfazed and continued:

“And the person playing fighting games over there… Or rather the ‘hot babe’ big sister who always plays fighting games is Oiso Nina-Senpai.”

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“As you can see, Senpai ignores people when she is playing fighting games, just like that.”

Even though she was being introduced, not only did blah Senpai ignored us, she didn’t even glance at Tendo-san… What amazing focus.

Heeding Tendo-san’s words, we sat down. Two long white tables were placed together in the middle of the room, with blah Senpai sitting to the right front seat with a screen before her and her personal joystick in hand. Kase-Senpai who was opposite her wasn’t doing anything, simply watching as if he was appraising us.

Misumi-kun and I sat together at the bottom seats with our backs to the entrance. Tendo-san who was seated beside Oiso-Senpai led the conversation with a “So…”

<TL:Bottom Seat:>

“I wish to invite the two of you to watch our club activities… Kase-Senpai, please don’t sulk there, play some FPS casually like you usually do.”

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“Hey Tendo. I have never played FPS with a casual attitude since I was born…”

“Ah~~ alright, got it. Here Senpai, I am plugging the console in.”

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Tendo made her way to the top seat side, and plugged in the power for the largest screen and a game console. She started the game, then hand the wireless controller to Kase-Senpai.

Even though the Senpai snorted, he didn’t hesitate in taking the controller and called out to the seat opposite him: “Oiso.”

The female upperclassman took out headphones from somewhere and plugged it into the monitor connected to her fighting game console. Seemed like the people playing on the main screen had priority in audio entertainment.

When Tendo-san returned to her seat, Kase-Senpai activated the game software and deftly chose online battle from the menu. He then waited for the matchmaking to be done. It was the latest installment of a famous FPS (First Person Shooter) game series I had dabbled in. The player would become a soldier in a real battlefield, and shoot at each other with the most advanced guns… The description might sound bloody, but players would be revived immediately after death, and the kill scenes were downplayed, so the feel of the game was like an advanced version of snowball fights.