Is the online app to make a task? Is these true?

Is the online app to make a task? Is these true?

The customers at the back watched as they chatted.

“Up close, I can see it even clearer than in Teacher Qiao’s video. This game is too awesome. It can even simulate the movements of archery. I can’t wait to get it.”

“Sigh, I knew that the VR experience area would be open today, so I rushed over as soon as the internet cafe opened. I didn’t expect to be late! Many people were queuing before the door opened.”

“I don’t know how long more do I have to queue. It’s so uncomfortable.”

“It’s alright, Brother. I can play for at most an hour. If the experience is good, I’ll go back and order a pair of VR glasses to play at home!”

“There are too many people. Should I go to the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and take a look?”

“Don’t go. There must be a queue there. Don’t think about it. Just wait here obediently.”

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“I think we can only play ‘Animal Island’ here. Where’s the Fitness Battle?”

“There’s no smart fitness drying rack here. How can we play?”

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“If you want to play ‘Fitness Battle’, you can go to the nearby Star Bird Fitness. There’s a full set of drying racks and VR glasses there.”

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“Is that so? What’s the charge then?”

“There are all of them. They can be used for a month, a year, or per use. What’s more, there’s a new shop nearby. I don’t think there are many people.”

“I won’t continue queuing here then. There are still more than ten people in front. How long do I have to wait? Let’s go there and experience it first!”

The people in the VR experience area came and went. New customers kept coming up from downstairs, wanting to see what the VR experience area looked like. However, there were people who could not wait and left from the second floor.

Pei Qian was near the stairs. He was squeezed by everyone and felt a little suicidal.

If it was normal times, he would often encounter people asking for his autograph. At that time, Pei Qian would feel quite annoyed. However, no one was asking for his autograph today. Everyone was staring at the VR glasses. Pei Qian felt even worse!