how does money order work

how does money order work

Chapter 28 – Chiaki Hoshinomori and Mutual Insult

Today’s a fighting game battle between the identical yet rivaling gamers, Keita and Chiaki! The end result is…?

Please look forward to it!

“Keita, we’ll decide a winner with fighting games today!”

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“Sure, Chiaki!”

So, even though this came out of nowhere, Keita and I went to the arcade.

The reason is simple. I have to win against my nemesis.

Initially, I, Chiaki Hoshinomori, share the exact same stats as my rival, Keita Amano. …We’re so disgustingly synced.

It’s not just test results or physique. Even our rhythm and writing look the same.

So, after a while, it evolved into a gaming duel.

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Keita and I wandered around in the arcade silently. The goal is…

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“Keita, let’s find an unpopular fighting game!”

“Sure. Chiaki!”

The timid duo went around the group of fighting game lovers. We found an arcade machine at the corner.

We started playing without saying much else.